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RUBY coaching

We foster collaboration based on honesty and open-mindedness

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We are committed to transforming ‘collaboration’ into more than just another buzzword.

PS: We don’t do standard workshops.

Our premise

We foster collaboration among team members based on honesty and open-mindedness.

Our goal is to bring human nature back into the business.

We invest time to understand your needs and tailor our approach accordingly.

Our services


We offer customized workshops on various topics around Collaboration, Honest Culture, Prioritisation, Creativity, Reflexivity, and Leadership.

We provide 1-on-1 coaching for team members, leaders, and anyone needing support.



We offer development journeys consisting of various methods and tools to anchor new behaviors sustainably.

We are (guest) lecturers that teach at universities and other educational institutions, presenting relevant topics and building new skills interactively.


Design Thinking

We facilitate and teach Design Thinking, the iterative problem-solving approach, with the intention of improving your products and services.

At the core of our services stands Psychological Safety (permission for candor and rewarded vulnerability). It fosters performance, well-being, and creativity.

RUBY Values

We COMMUNICATE HONESTLY and sincerely TRUST each other.

We have the COURAGE to admit that we are wrong.

We are COMMITTED and prioritise HUMANS over outcomes.

We keep OPEN MINDs and LEARN something new every day.

While having FUN along the way.

What our customers say

“Kerrin and Zuzi are two competent and result-oriented professionals with a good understanding of the academic, the start-up, and the industry ecosystem. They contributed significantly to building up high-performing team structures within our programs through their expertise in leadership and conflict management. I especially appreciated their psychological safety training and non-violent communication. Such trainings should be a standard in any organization.”

Alexandra Negoescu Scientific Program Manager Innovation Incubation Center, TU Wien

“Zuzi and Kerrin introduced us very well to the topic of psychological safety in their fresh, authentic and very competent manner. The all-day workshops with RUBY received the absolute tops scores from the participants!”

Peti Koch Head of Software Engineering Academy, CSS

“RUBY facilitated a meaningful review and feedback workshop with my team. In the session, the team felt empowered and connected, which impacted us to share feedback and learnings very openly. Kerrin and Zuzi, not only supported me with the planning, structuring and templates but also guided us thoughtfully through the session, adapting to the needs of the participants.”

Noëmi Kaufman Business Development Lead Sortex and Sustainability, Bühler

“My Scrum team and myself, enjoyed a virtual workshop on psychological safety by Zuzi and Kerrin. Great experience, uncomplicated in the organisation and instructive and fun in the implementation. Top professional Duo!”

Manuel Pascual Garcia-Tubio Scrum Master, Bosch

"Kerrin and Zuzi were phenomenal listeners and gave fantastic tips to improve the presentation skills of our students, who grew fondly receptive and appreciative of feedback. In the end, workshops with RUBY ensured that the pitches were engaging and fascinating!"

Marriette Mertens Program Manager ETH for Development, ETH Zurich

“Zuzi and Kerrin conducted a workshop about Psychological Safety at Bison. We were able to learn a lot and integrate it into our daily routines. Thank you Zuzi and Kerrin for the professional, very competent and humorous execution. It was a lot of fun.”

Uwe Paesch Product Owner, Bison

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About us

Zuzi & Kerrin

We are two young entrepreneurs (one psychologist and one engineer – it turned out to be a good combination, after all). We believe in courage and kindness in the business world, in supporting collaboration in teams and in reading four books at once. We work with companies, teams, and individuals that want to have a better understanding of themselves and their team interactions. In a nutshell, we create an environment to connect.


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