Zuzi is a business psychologist with three Master’s degrees in social and organizational psychology, creativity & talent development, and an Honours Master’s in Leadership. Together with Kerrin, she helps to transform groups into inclusive, happy, and effective teams by the means of coaching, training, and tools from psychology.


Kerrin has a PhD in mechanical engineering from ETH Zürich. With her research she aims at improving medical education with technology. As a lecturer she teaches how to coach innovation projects. She has collaboratively built multiple organizations running on intrinsic motivation and leads projects up to 500 people. Together with Zuzi she coaches leaders, facilitates skills workshops, and holds trainings that focus on fostering psychological safety.

We work with companies, teams, and individuals that want to have a better understanding of themselves and their team interactions. Our past clients would tell you that our “zone of genius” isn’t just the workshops – it’s creating a challenging and safe atmosphere with the goal of personal “aha-moments”.

With Zuzi Hajickova, a business psychologist and former future work consultant at Swisscom, and Kerrin Weiss PhD, a lecturer and former scientist in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich, we merge a deep understanding of research with the context of the fast-paced field of innovation.


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